Патриарх Константинопольский Варфоломей прибудет в Чехию 22-го мая

Патриарх Константинопольский Варфоломей прибудет в Чехию 22-го мая

Патриарх Константинопольский Варфоломей. Источник: Wikipedia.org

Петиционный комитет за возвращение владыки Христофора написал письмо по электронной почте к Патриарху Константинопольскому Варфоломею и уже получен ответ о том, что прибудет в Чехию 22-го мая и пробудет четыре дня. Очевидно, что Патриарх Варфоломей намеревается встретиться с владыкой Христофором. Чешские епископы напуганы и есть все основания полагать, что они, если удастся, постараются не допустить встречи владыки Христофора и Константинопольского Патриарха.


Ниже приводим текст данного письма, направленный Патриарху Константинопольскому Варфоломею:



To: His All Holiness, Bartholomew I.
Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch
From: Petition committee members of the Petition for the return of metropolitan Christopher
Prague, 17 May 2013


Your All Holiness,


we are members of The Petition Committee for the re-installation of our bishop Christopher into the office as an Archbishop of Prague and Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in the Czech lands and Slovakia, and we act on behalf of thousands of Orthodox faithful from our local Orthodox Church. We respect Your All Holiness for your wisdom and your characteristic sense for righteousness and we would like to ask you as a highest authority in the Orthodox Church for your help.


Since the beginning of April 2013 the situation in our local Orthodox Church is very perturbed and disordered. The reason for this turbid and perplexing situation is the fact that His Beatitude Metropolitan Christopher was falsely and perjuriously accused and arraigned for several evil deeds he never made. Immediately, without investigation of his guiltiness, he was committed for trial by Holy Synod. In April 12, 2013 Metropolitan Christopher denied the allegations against him and he made his decision to abdicate from all his services. In the statement for his abdication he wrote that he is doing this step for the goodness and peace of our local Orthodox Church. Also he wrote that he is prepared to return and serve again for the Church immediately when the Church will ask for it.


From the beginning, it is clear that Metropolitan Christopher did not stepped out from his office because he had admitted the truth on allegations brought against him but because he loves the Church and he does seek its peace and prosperity. He stepped aside and turned the other cheek as Our Lord teaches us. In his abdication he begged both believers and clerics to preserve the unity of the Church and maintain respect and love.


Unfortunately we can see that goodness and peace has not came into our local Orthodox Church. The situation is getting worse and worse every single day and the salvation of souls is in severe danger.


Блаженнейший Митрополит Христофор. Прага, 2011.08.28.


The small group of the clerics who are in the charge in the Diocesan Office in Prague manipulates with the accusations against Metropolitan Christopher, obviously with help of some people from public news media or several priests from Diocese and with tacit consent of some bishops from the Holy Synod. Despite the fact that this accusations were already refused as false and perjurious, and even though the woman who primordially accused Metropolitan Christopher already wrote two times to the Holy Synod her admission that she lied and that she accused Metropolitan Christopher on the request of one bishop and all this action against Metropolitan Christopher was prepared by several people and clerics from Prague Diocese, this small group of clerics continue again and again in accusation against Metropolitan Christopher; for example they are asking for DNA from Metropolitan Christopher, because they accused him that he has several children, but neither these clerics neither Holy Synod asked these women with children for permission to do it, and Metropolitan Christopher waits and waits to make this step to be fully clean up. And they tell that the name of Metropolitan Christopher is not clear yet! Even Holy Synod is affected and just several days ago announced that there are new accusations and Metropolitan Christopher cannot be re-instaled into the office of Archbishop of Prague and into the office of Metropolitan because his name is not clean up yet! And this situation is the same again and again. Somebody is coming with accusation, soon it is clear that there are not any evidences or that it is false accusation, and then the same circle continues, again and again. This group of plotters, the clerics and laymen, create the situation that for Metropolitan Christopher is almost impossible to clean up his name. They tell publicly that the DNA tests are not done and that Metropolitan Christopher avoids these tests! And some suspicion is still there. This tactic is used by people here in our country and in all world (especially in east Europe, in Russia) and we can see that some people in our Orthodox Church adopted and use this tactic as good tactic for their interests. We register these cases at our “petition server” www.christofor.cz.

In fact there is the reason for using this tactic. This tactic is the run for time. And the time is very crucial now because meanwhile these clerics occupied the office of Archbishop of Prague (even 30.4.2013 and 7.5.2013 with police assistance!) and now they are in the phase to prepare the election for the office of the diocesan bishop, the Archbishop of Prague. In fact these clerics in charge eliminated many candidates arbitrarily, including elimination of Metropolitan Christopher. It suits their purpose, because their goal is nothing less than to install into the office of Archbishop of Prague their cleric who will help them to take the power over the Prague Diocese. And in the case that this new Archbishop will be installed as a Metropolitan (it is very possible, because only Archbishop of Prague and Archbishop of Prešov can be candidates, and already Archbishop of Prešov said that he feels so young to candidate to the office of Metropolitan), then with his help they will take the power over the Orthodox Church in the Czech lands and Slovakia. The purpose of all this their effort are probably the money from restitution guaranteed by our government in Czech Republic (more than 50 mil. euro) or the power over local Orthodox Church.


Already this Saturday 18.5.2013 the clerics in charge in the Prague Diocese will put as their candidate for the office of Archbishop of Prague their cleric, who is now installed (by them and with agreement from Holy Synod) as an administrator of the office of the diocesan bishop of Prague (the Archbishop of Prague). He is an archimandrite, he should live as a monk, but he lives with one woman in his apartment, he serves in his church where he is appointed or in other places the services with uniats or believers from other churches or with heretics from some Christian societies and orders, he serves with them in epitrachile as Orthodox priest and he bears or serves the ecumenical services with some sword as a sign of his membership to some non-orthodox order (see photos here: http://www.ambon.or.cz/). This cleric, archimandrite Marek Krupica was installed by small group of clerics and laymen into the office as the administrator of Prague Diocese, soon after Metropolitan Christopher abdicated. Now he is prepared as a candidate to be elected as a bishop into the office of Archbishop of Prague, and the goal of this small group of clerics and laymen is that he will be prepared to candidate into the office of Metropolitan.


In our local Orthodox Church rules the fear. The group of plotters uses the methods of communist secret police (some of them were the agents of that police in the time of communist regime in our country). They keep the most priests of our Diocese and local Orthodox Church in fear. They are in charge and they calculate with fear, because the priests with their families are in fear to lose their work they love in their parishes, to serve in the Church, or that they are in fear to lose their salaries (what is mostly only income to support their families) if they will not do what they are asked, i.e. to vote for the certain candidate (now they are only two candidates there; this small group of clerics in charge with their leader archimandrite Marek Krupica already eliminated most candidates).


This group of the clerics and laymen in charge says that they do everything according to the canons of the Orthodox Church. Of course, the steps, the timing, the terms and meeting, it seems perfect and according to the rules, but in fact all the process is illegitimate from the beginning. It is evident that at the meeting of the Holy Synod (12.4.2013), where Metropolitan Christopher wrote his abdication, some members of the Holy Synod together with archimandrite Marek Krupica, who was the guest at the meeting, they already knew that all these accusations are false, and what more, some of the were the architects of this process. Timing was perfect and only several days before the meeting they sent all the false accusation against Metropolitan Christopher to the public news media (there are many phone records of the communications of the news editors and reporters with these people from the Orthodox Church).


The name of the local Orthodox Church is very and seriously hurt. Some members of the leadership of the Prague Diocese and of the Holy Synod lose day by day their trust for their wrong and unjust decisions, they are understood as incompetent and corruptive, their behaviours is seen as the behaviours and practices of inquisitors. Just before this case of the accusations against Metropolitan Christopher, our local Orthodox Church was important part of the society, with very good even better reputation than other Christian Churches and religious societies. Our Orthodox Church was trusted and recognized by the people of our country as the true Christ Church. Our Metropolitans, bishops, priests and all the clerics and faithful were highly respected as the followers of Christ and His teaching. The tradition of Greeks brothers Kirill and Methodius, the teachers and apostles of the Slavs, who came to the Great Moravia from Constantinople, then the new martyr bishop Gorazd II. with his Orthodox priest and faithful, the heroes of the revolt against Nazis during WWII, then the Metropolitan Dorotey, the humble monk and bishop who loved everyone and was loved by everyone and who is seen as a true holy man, and also Metropolitan Christopher, whom faithful and people see as traditional but also as a modern and open minded bishop, as a highly educated church leader and a church diplomat who builds the local Orthodox Church in new conditions. This picture was there just couple months ago. Now people of our society are confused and they do not know what is true. And our local Orthodox Church is in the edge of collapse or schism.


Our Petition Committee until today registered 2895 signers of the petition for the re-installation of our bishop Christopher into the office as an Archbishop of Prague and Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in the Czech lands and Slovakia. These signers, including twelve priests at least, showed their courage (despite the fear spread by some leaders and clerics of the Church) and together with us and others, who sent us the letters, or with many those pray, are asking for coming back of Metropolitan Christopher into his previous office. These signatures came to our Petition Committee in spite of the fear, also despite the sabotages or hacker attacks against our electronic version. Many faithful support our petition without their signatures, the reasons why they did not sign our petition are various, first of all it is the fear, and others did not sign but inform us that we have their support in their prayers because they are afraid for the future of our local Orthodox Church.


Metropolitan Christopher wrote in his abdication very clearly that if the Church will call him back, he will work again for the Church he loves so dearly. We believe, that the Church as the Body of Christ, are also the faithful as the people of God. Our petition reflects the will of the faithful, the will of the people of God, and we all ask that Metropolitan Christopher will come back to his previous office, that he will be re-installed as the Archbishop of Prague and Metropolitan of our local Orthodox Church. Already we sent our petition to the Holy Synod, but the petition was wrongfully and unlawfully avoided. That day when the Holy Synod had the official meeting (14.5.2013), archimandrite Marek Krupica was there as the member of that meeting and he came with new false accusations against Metropolitan Christopher. The bishops avoided our petition and it was not discussed. Yesterday on Thursday 16.5.2013 our two delegates came to visit our bishop Simeon (who is the Diocesan bishop of the Olomouc-Brno Diocese and in the present time he is also the temporary administrator over our local Orthodox Church in the Czech lands and Slovakia) and they asked him to accept our petition, but it was unsuccessful.


Because we do not see any good will from our bishops from the Holy Synod of our local Orthodox Church, or we do not see any other way how to ask for justice, we humbly ask Your All Holiness to take any necessary steps towards the local Orthodox Church of the Czech lands and Slovakia, to help to establish the justice and order in our local Orthodox Church, very carefully considering its stability and development, and that our local Orthodox Church shall be able credibly spread the Good News of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Sincerely in Christ


Prof. Sergey Komkov, Gr. Ph.D. JUDr.
Assoc. Prof. Vojtech Merunka, Ph.D.
Mgr. Nadezhda Skvarnik
Mgr. Petra Staufčíková



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