A divorce of a spy (Igor Strelets)

This is an eviction like we’ve never seen before. During the divorce proceedings, a husband evicted his wife and their children from their family home with the help of a front manthat no one has ever seen. Using the given paper records, the front man was never located, however this didn’t prevent the bailiffs from evicting the wife and the children. This sounds like a trailer for a fascinating movie, which was created by a communist spy trained in a Soviet style, Igor Strelets. Details are to follow in the report by Marketa Indrova.

(Original material on Česká televize: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/1142743803-reporteri-ct/216452801240006/ )


A divorce of a spy

Alexandra Streltsova: I would say it on TV- he’s a KGB guy.

Tatiana Streltsova: I went downstairs and saw three men, one was tall; I later realized that he was a bailiff. He pulled out some kind of a paper that stated that this house was a subject for eviction and that the debt for the rent was 80.000 CZK.He asked me if I could pay 80,000 CZK in cash immediately.

Reporter: On April 22, 2015, Tatiana Streltsova and her two children were woken up by the ring of the doorbell in their house. Those were bailiffs, who came to evict some debtor, named MiroslavPapik.

Tatiana Streltsova: I have no idea who he is, I have never seen him, and we have never heard this name before.

Reporter: Bailiffs intended to evict not only mysterious Mr. Papik but also Igor Strelets’s wife and their two children. That was their exact purpose.

A telephone conversation between Alexandra Streltsova and her father Igor Strelets:

Alexandra Streltsova: I have never seen any Mr. Papik.

Igor Strelets: Is that all you want?

Alexandra Streltsova: What do you mean“this is all I want”? Are you out of your mind?

Igor Strelets: Do you want anything else?

Alexandra Streltsova: I need you to tell me who this Papik is, that I have never seen in my entire life. Do you want to evict and kick us all out?

Igor Strelets: When we see each other… Again, when we see each other…

Alexandra Streltsova: What do you mean “again, when we see each other”? Are you keeping us for idiots? Are you trying to evict us? Is that what you are trying to do?

Igor Strelets: Is this all you want? I won’t respond to these attacks of yours.

Alexandra Streltsova: It was such a mere shock that a person doesn’t know what to do and how to behave.

Reporter: It was a huge surprise to find out that the father of the family and Taliana Streltsova’sspouse, whom she was getting a divorce from, initiated the eviction.

Igor Strelets: Yes, this eviction had something to do with the lease that was signed between my tenant and me. My tenant didn’t pay the rent and promised to pay in installments, and it went on and on. As a result, I initiated the eviction.

Tatiana, Alexandra and Igor Strelets’s Lawyer: The bailiff had to do two things: to evict Mr. Papik and those related to him, and to take out Mr. Papik’s personal things or things that belong to those related to him. It only concerned those persons who are related to Mr. Papik. Under no circumstances the eviction order should or may be extended tothe other family that lived in that house.

Tatiana Streltsova: It is not a secret that my ex-husband has been trying to kick me out of this house for quite some time now. I knew that he was up to something, but evicting his own children …

Igor Strelets (Junior): Dad has changed 180 degrees in the last year and a half, ever since he has had a mistress.

Alexandra Streltsova: It is not a problem for me; my brother and I are adults and I don’t care that he has someone, really. But he left and cut us off completely…

Reporter: Who is Igor Strelets? We have already introduced him in our program. He is a spy who was trained in Soviet Union and worked during the totalitarian regime.

TatianaStreltsova: My husband graduated from the School of the KGB, so I would say he was a well-trained and experienced spy. He has connections everywhere: police, criminal and political circles. After the revolution in 1989, he resigned from the service in the KGB and became an entrepreneur.

Report from 2.10.2006

Reporter: Former KGB service men are still around. Our reporter David Gavlik found a former KGB man right by the current Minister of Transport, AleshRebchik. We are speaking about the former communist spy Igor Strelets, who was probably experienced…

Minister of Transport, AleshRebchik in 2006: Learning that I have met with someone who was in the KGB, is a blow for me.

Reporter: What do we know about this person from the intelligence archives?

An employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: There’s not much here, but the documents clearly point out that he was a staff member for the communist intelligence services, one of the last before the November events.

TatianaStreltsova: This is how he is throwing his own kids out of the house. Sasha, what can you say to that?

Alexandra Streltsova: I will put him injail to rot for many years. I will never forgive him for this.

Tatiana Streltsova: What do you say, kids? How is he throwing you out?

Igor Strelets (Junior): Well, you see…

Reporter: The family was in shock. They tried to explain to the bailiffs that they have nothing to do with Mr. Papik but to no avail.

Igor Strelets: I didn’t mean to evict my family. I did initiate the eviction, but I only learned about the situation with my family during the eviction.

Reporter: The truth is the opposite. Igor Strelets knew about the eviction.

Press secretary of the bailiff chamber: The procedure is as follows: The information about the eviction is sent 5 days prior to the eviction. The commissioner, in this case the husband, the tenant and the third party – Municipality receive this information.

Reporter: Let’s clarify that the tenant in this case ismysterious Mr. Papik. This is exactly why the Strelets family didn’t know anything about the eviction.

Igor Strelets: This is a man, who used to and work on the construction site, makes the scaffolds, carries out house chores, does gardening and so on. This person …

Reporter: Was he a helpful person around the house?

Igor Strelets: Because I wasn’t living in the house, I wanted him to keep the house and the garden in good shape; he is capable of it. I wanted him to pay off his debt by working there.

Alexandra Streltsova: I would like to know who Mr. Papik is. I have never seen him here in my life. Who is he?

Igor Strelets: Wait a second! What next?

Alexandra Streltsova: What do you mean “what next”? Who gave you the right to evict us?

Reporter: Our first steps in search of MiroslavPapik brought us to a few fake addresses. Then we found out that he seemed be living somewhere not far from Igor Strelets’s villa.

Hello! We are from the Czech television. We are looking for MiroslavPapik. He must be living here.

Neighbor IrzhiKliment: He hasn’t lived here for many years, and we don’t know where he lives.

Reporter: Did he live near by?

Neighbor: Excuse me?

Reporter: Did he live near by?

Neighbor: He used to rent here, but we only had problems. We had to run around different institutions and to collect people’s signatures for the petition to help us get rid of him. We had police coming here looking for him.

Reporter: But according to Igor Strelets, this so-called bum was a solvent tenant.

Reporter (asking Tataiana Streltsova’s lawyer): Is a notary record sufficient enough to evict someone?

Tataiana Streltsova’s lawyer: Yes, it is. Thus, you wouldn’t need to sue in court. You would only have to submit your application for the execution of eviction. This speeds up the whole process.

Reporter: Not long ago, it used to be almost an ideal family.

Igor Strelets (Junior): We are now in the city of Kutna Gora and would like to pay a visit to the bailiffoffice of Veronica Yakubovskaya. We want to see an agreement that was signed between Igor Strelets and Miroslav Papik.

Candid camera footage


Veronica Yakubovskaya office worker: Are you Dr. Kubinova?

Tatiana Streltsova: Oh, no! I am Streltsova, and these are my children Alexandra and Igor Strelets.

Office worker: Ms. Streltsova, you are not a participant of this process. It was a difficult process.

Tatiana Streltsova: My children and I are the ones who were evicted from their home and who have nothing to do with Mr. Papik, and we are all participants. We have never seen him or heard about him and we don’teven know what he looks like. I’d like to talk to Veronica Yakubovskaya. If you do not want to give us her phone number, then you are helping her hidefrom us.

Office worker: We did all we could. You can’t come here without making an appointment like this and ask to look at the case materials.

Reporter: You are very good at giving replies.

Office worker: You are not the participants in this case.

Reporter: There are three case participants here.

Office worker: You are not participants in this case according to the documents.

Reporter: Very well said.

Alexandra: We are the ones who were evicted.

Office worker: But this is decided …

Alexandra: How can you say that we are not the participants in the case, if we are the ones who were evicted? Do you understand it?

Office worker: I am not at liberty to share the details of the case and I can’t let you look at it.

Igor Strelets (Junior): Everything turned out the way we expected it to be. We couldn’t look at the case materials and Veronica Yakubovskayais not in the office at the moment.

Reporter: When we tried to catch Veronica Jakubowskayaduring her the office hours, the office was closed. Then, to our surprise, about an hour later, Mrs. Yakubovskaya called us herself.

Veronica Jakubowskaya: This is Veronica Jakubowskaya, bailiff office at Kutna Gora.

Reporter: Good afternoon.

Veronica Jakubowskaya: My neighbors told me that you are in front of my office, so I decided to call you and adviseyou to contact the press-secretary of the bailiff chamber. We cannot disclose the information, and, obviously, we will not comment anything in front of the camera or in any other way.

Press-secretary of the bailiff chamber: If we discover that the law has been broken, and if it is a serious violation, the punitive complaint will be filed in court, and a performing bailiff can receive a fine of up to 5 millionCZK, or even be dismissed.

TatianaStreltsova’s lawyer: We’ve found out that Mr. Papik is registered in the municipality in Prague 4. He has been evicted 14 times. The man who has no financial means,signs a lease for an apartment house of Mr. Igor Streltsa in the amount of CZK 50,000 per month.

Reporter: I would like to know about Mr. Papik.

Igor Strelets’ lawyer: I represent the interests of the engineer Igor Strelets in the matters that I am trusted with. I didn’t represent the interests of Mr. Papik. I didn’tsign any leases with Mr. Papik or negotiated any notarial records. So I do not have anything to do with this case.

Reporter: Here I have here a power of attorney, in which Mr. Papik allows you to represent him in all legal matters.

Igor Strelets’ lawyer: May I look at the paper?

Reporter: Signature of Mr. Papik.

Igor Strelets’ lawyer: I don’t know anything about it. I can show you different powers of attorney, which I received from the engineer Igor Strelets. I do not remember that I negotiated with Mr. Papik.

Reporter: How can you explain the paper that you see in front of you?

Igor Strelets’ lawyer: How can I explain this? Anything is possible with modern technologies.

Press secretary of the bailiff chamber: It is unacceptable that our services could be used in such a way.

Alexandra Streltsova: It is very sad that he wouldn’t even ask how I am doing, or Igor(brother)…

Reporter: Igor Strelets warns that whoever trespasses his territory, may get in jail.

Igor Strelets (Junior): This is where we live, used to live. This is our house that we told you about.

Alexandra Streltsova: Oksi! Come here!

Igor Strelets (Junior): Sasha, try with you keys; see if you can unlock this … Can you unlock this?

Alexandra Streltsova: No, I can’t!

Naturally, I miss my home. I spent more than half of my life there and it was very difficult to leave, especially in such an ugly way. To make matters worse, it is your own father.

Igor Strelets (Junior): I am dialing my father’s number …

Reporter: Can they come to you at any time?

Igor Strelets: Absolutely, they have my number, it is still the same; they can call me.

The phone is ringing and after a long time, you hear a recorded message: «The caller is not available».


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